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Varnamo Sweden manufacturers of both Butyl Rubber Pond Liners and Greenseal Rubber (colour of material is black) offering a full Lifetime Guarantee against any latent manufacturing defects. (scroll down for further information on these products)
WARNING : There are some unethical companies trying to sell products called "BUTYL GREENSEAL" or "GREENSEAL BUTYL " - there are NO SUCH MATERIALS - you either have Butyl Rubber or Greenseal Rubber - not both as one material. Companies doing this are using the well known word "Butyl" purely as a marketing ploy to make people think that they are buying "Butyl". They are also relying on the fact that both materials look and feel exactly the same, so it is almost impossible top tellthe difference.We strongly suggest that these companies are reported toTarading Standards or similar
Unfortunately, there are still some retailers,landscapers and specifiers i.e. architects who do not promote Greenseal EPDM as the superior and cheaper alternative to Butyl - either because they do not know better or because they do not stock Greenseal EPDM. Unfortunately, certain institutions i.e. schools, charities and government / wildlife trusts are paying an unnecessary premium for Butyl due to misguided information offered.
Basically the reason why butyl rubber is so expensive is because of the natural rubber content (approx. 28%) in the material.Whereas, Greenseal EPDM (100% synthetic) is cheaper as you are not paying for the natural rubber content. NOTE - Varnamo Greenseal has superior properties to Butyl and cheaper.Contact us for technical data comparison if required.
WARNING: There are currently some retailers which deem it necessay to sell Greenseal EPDM rubber as a Butyl Rubber - as both these materials look and feel EXACTLY THE SAME.We are able to send samples of both for clarification / identification purposes.
Please contact us direct for Butyl Rubber pricing, alternatively CLICK HERE to purchase Greenseal


Excellent elongationExcellent elongation
Not affected by UV light temperature or ageNot affected by UV light temperature or age
Non toxic to plant and wildlifeTear and tensile strength superior than Butyl Rubber
Taylor made box-welded liners to spec.Reverts back to original form
Resists compressive loads and ground movementAnimal and plant friendly (Aquatic and fish friendly)
Reverts back to original formResists compressive loads and ground movement
Cheaper than Butyl Rubber - and a superior material
Looks and feels like Butyl
Can be vulcanised or repaired the same as Butyl
Life Time Guarantee - exceptional material with
stronger properties than Butyl and cheaper !
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Varnamo Swedish Greenseal Rubber vs Varnamo Butyl Rubber

Greenseal EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer) is a synthetic rubber similar to butyl and manufactured in Sweden by Trelleborg Building Systems - who also manufacture butyl rubber. As a material, Greenseal Rubber has superior properties to Butyl and cheaper, making it both an attractive and economical solution for any project.
Benefits of Greenseal compared to butyl of equivalent thickness
- Lower cost both initially and long-term
- Higher UV stability
- Greater tolerance to weather extremes
- Superior Strength
- Lower environmental impact
The following table lists some physical comparisons between the two 0.75mm materials;

Properties Greenseal Butyl

Tensile strength 9.0Mpa
Tear strength 30KN/m
Elongation at break 300%
Brittle point -40°C

Properties after ageing 168h/121°C

Tensile Strength 7.5Mpa
Elongation at break 300%

Available in

0.75mm thickness
0.85mm thickness
1.0mm thickness


Material colour: Black
Material appearance: Slightly “embossed or textured “ surface
State: Cured
Solids: 100%
Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any further details or free product samples
Office: 0845 226 2478 E-mail: sales@flexibleliningproducts.co.uk
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