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Flexible Lining Products
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Tree roots growing underneath roads, drives , and lawns can be a nuisance. Frequently they lift or crack the surface resulting in repairs. Roots can also contribute to damage by undermining foundations and service pipes.
Terram Root Guard and Root Guard Plus provide effective protection of pipes, surfaces and structures against root damage.e are currently creating content for this section. In order to be able to keep up with our high standards of service, we need a little more time. Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!
Terram Root Guard Plus, available in roll size 2.0m x 25m (other roll sizes available on request), combines an impermeable barrier plus a robust reinforcing fabric. This combination provides optimum protection from roots and is suitable for applications where through water flow is not required.Therefore in applications that do not need a permeable barrier use of Terram non-woven geotextile and HDPE and will give the greatest degree of protection afforded by a flexible barrier
material.Terram Root-Guard Plus. This is a composite non-woven geotextile and HDPE and will give the greatest degree of protection afforded by a flexible barrier
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Terram Root Guard, available in roll size 2.25m x 25m (other roll sizes available on request), is permeable allowing free movement of groundwater whilst restricting tree roots.Terram Root-Guard shown to be effective in resisting root growth in all experiments using this material. Terram Root-Guard has a high tensile strength, is resistant to puncturing and is capable of withstanding the differential forces that can develop in drying clay soils. Therefore where resistance to root penetration and permeability are required use Root-Guard
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FLP Root Barrier / Planter Liner
This is a very strong & flexible non permeable material for use in light applications whereby small roots can be diverted in specific areas. This material has also been used in commercial and domestic planters to avoid seepage out the sides of planters. The material is 100% UV stable
Roll Size Availability 1.125m x 50.0m

Root Protection Barriers

FLP Erocell Tree Root Protection is an ideal solution for providing ground reinforcement within tree protection areas. It confines fill material within its strong yet flexible cell structure, in order to provide a stable base for traffic and an even road distribution.A big advantage of FLP Erocell over other products is that the geotextile is permeable and allows lateral movement of air and water.FLP Erocell is suitable for permanent woodland trails, paths, driveways, roads and parking areas. It may also be used as temporary ground reinforcement where access to site is limited by the presence of trees. Once operations on site are completed the temporary surface can easily be removed and the ground left undamaged.An additional layer of geotextile for above the Erocell covered with crushed brick or similar would be required if using tarmacadam in order to protect the cells from damage.
FLP Erocell 22/20, is used for the
protection of tree roots as outlined
in BS5837. It has a cell diameter of
220mm and a depth of 200mm, the
expanded panel size is 3m x 6m
Per Panel
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